Masiratna Privacy Policy

Masiratna has committed the organisation to protecting your privacy online by adhering to the privacy laws. 

Personal Information 

Masiratna general practice is to directly collect personal information from you. 
On occasion, Masiratna collects personal information from relevant third parties if you consent, or might reasonably expect the information to be collected in this way, for instance via sources that are in the public domain or otherwise publicly available including websites or directories. Masiratna does not collect personal information if you have only browsed our website. Our website uses cookies solely during the login and shopping processes. 

Masiratna only uses personal information for the purposes it is specifically provided to us and for internal management purposes that are related. 
Masiratna does not give any personal information to any government agencies, other organisations or anybody else unless you consent; it would be expected of us to, or you have been told the reasons; it is required by law; it prevents or lessens any serious, imminent threat to a person’s life or health. 
The disclosure is necessary for law enforcement or to protect public revenue. 
Masiratna analyses non-identifiable website traffic data to improve its services. 

Access & Corrections 
You are able to access any personal information that Masiratna holds about you 
You may ask Masiratna to correct any personal information we hold on you. 
If your name appears on any of Masiratna’s email databases you can choose to opt out of any further contact from us by simply clicking on the unsubscribe option which is included in all our emails. 

Important Information 
Masiratna adheres to the Privacy Act 1988’s Information Privacy Principles. 
The Masiratna website is bound by the guidelines of the Privacy Commissioner’s with regards to Federal and ACT Government websites. 


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